Saturday, November 26, 2011

Finding Miss Sega Yakuza 5

Sega changing a few formula commonly presented in the Yakuza Yakuza game 5 which is currently under development. Sega is no longer present hostess who is usually present as a feature of the Yakuza games, but this time Sega Japan will explore the region to look for Miss Yakuza. As informed by Andriasang, Yakuza 5 will have a set place in five cities, namely Sapporo, Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka. Sega will hold its fifth trip to this city early next year to find candidates for Miss Yakuza.

The winner of this contest Miss Yakuza will be present at the game Yakuza 5, and also will be the star of this game advertisements. Sega did not say in detail the role of Miss Yakuza game in the future.
To be eligible for this contest, Miss Yakuza candidates must be aged 18 and over. Miss Yakuza candidate is of course a woman should be genuine, not "women's imitation". If the prospective Miss under 20 years old Yakuza, Sega asked them to make a written statement that states get permission from each parent for this contest.

If passed at the beginning of the judging (written exam), then Miss Yakuza candidate must follow the will-hosted the next auditions in each city from February 18 until March 4, 2012. Those who pass the first audition, then be invited to Tokyo to star in a promotional film Yakuza game 5 and will be scanned his face for the 3D model. Sega will open online voting from March to June 2012, to find the first winner will be announced in June 2012.
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World of Tanks Box Will Soon Arrive in Europe

It is true that World of Tanks is a game free-to-play, but that's no reason the game can not be sold by retail in a box. Surely the game in the form of collector box will make the World of Tanks of this box as one of the collection is priceless. announced that World of Tanks will soon be sold in retail stores in Europe on December 2, 2011. World of Tanks will sell for EUR 10, but the content inside it will be worth more than that.

World of Tks version of this box will contain 50 thousand in-game credits and tanks PzKpfw 38H735 (F), a German tank of premium. In addition, if you buy World of Tanks version of this box direct buyers get a premium account for a week and will get a guide how to play World of Tanks. World of Tanks boc version will be sold in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Britannia Kingdom, Italy, Scandinavia, Benelux, Spain, Portugal, Greece and France.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sell ​​1.65 Million Nintendo 3DS in U.S.

Nitendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS (F.Google)

Nintendo has announced the latest data from NPD Group for the video game market in the United States (U.S.), and 1.65 million units of Nintendo's handheld console 3DS claimed to have been sold there.

Nintendo stressed sales statistic in order to counter the common view that during this 3DS Nintendo said sales had deteriorated in the first month in the global market.

As well as selling the previous version, namely the successful Nintendo DS sold 2.37 million units since November 2004 to October 2005. Vendors Japanese game is also said most of the increase in sales during the holiday season arrived and this obviously is expected to increase more sales 3DS.

Nintendo states launch 3D Super Mario Land and Mario Kart 7 will also affect the increase in sales of 3DS and will make it more successful in early 2012.

"By looking at the huge range from the software side and saw record sales of the Nintendo DS, 3DS certainly will first enter this holiday season with great success," said Scott Moffutt, vice president of Sales & Marketing Nintendo in the U.S., quoted by Softpedia on Wednesday (11/16/2011).

Nintendo claims to have sold 7 million units of the games, both console and portablenya device. Not only is that 55 million copies of the game also sold to the players. The company stated that the Wii has a good moment to enter the holiday season and during the next two months to replace the previous console at home.

Wii U by Nintendo itself is being prepared to be sent globally during the summer of 2012 arrived.
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118.5 Million Gamers like games in Social Networks

FarmVille Zynga Wallpaper
Farm Ville one of Zynga social gaming (F: Google)

CALIFORNIA - A new study funded by PopCap shows 118.5 million people now play games on social networks. Social game player has now reached 71 percent and more than 2010.

Softpedia quoted as saying on Wednesday (11/16/2011), this study is called PopCap Social Geming Research which has issued the results, as many as 81 million people have now become an active player social games every day, while 31 million is significant to use the money to buy a game, with an increase of 86 percent compared to last year.

Currently as many as 30 Gemer always been involved with social games, PopCap also suggested an increase in gamers more developed in England than in the United States (U.S.).

The surge of social gamers who play games in the UK is a relatively new phenomenon and a decrease in the number of players usually occurs if you have two years to play a title game.

Many vendors in the video game industry believe that social gaming is always using the model free to play, and connect to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Today many are investing in order to develop social games in the future.

One of the market leaders for social games is Zynga who managed to capture millions of players who use Facebook. But now, several major vendors such as Electronic Art (EA) and Ubisoft has expressed interest in social gaming.
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Actor GTA V, At last Caught

The Internet is the best detectives can finally find out who the voice actor who is behind the game Grand Theft Auto V.

On the IMDb site's pages are written that the actor Ned Luke, who became the model character of Albert De Silva who is the main character in GTA V. Ned Luke had a role in Law & Order, an actor who seems to fit and has a face similar to the main character in GTA V trailer that was released earlier this month. This information is found by a contributor from GTA forums.

There is a tweet from actor Jimmy Taenaka which further strengthens this rumor by saying that Ned Luke was the one who provided the voice for the main character in the game made by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto 5. Then there's someone on Twitter who said that he recognized the voice of Ned Luke in GTA V trailer and said that Ned Luke better than the actor Jason Statham.

GTA V Wallpaper
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