Wednesday, November 16, 2011

118.5 Million Gamers like games in Social Networks

FarmVille Zynga Wallpaper
Farm Ville one of Zynga social gaming (F: Google)

CALIFORNIA - A new study funded by PopCap shows 118.5 million people now play games on social networks. Social game player has now reached 71 percent and more than 2010.

Softpedia quoted as saying on Wednesday (11/16/2011), this study is called PopCap Social Geming Research which has issued the results, as many as 81 million people have now become an active player social games every day, while 31 million is significant to use the money to buy a game, with an increase of 86 percent compared to last year.

Currently as many as 30 Gemer always been involved with social games, PopCap also suggested an increase in gamers more developed in England than in the United States (U.S.).

The surge of social gamers who play games in the UK is a relatively new phenomenon and a decrease in the number of players usually occurs if you have two years to play a title game.

Many vendors in the video game industry believe that social gaming is always using the model free to play, and connect to mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Today many are investing in order to develop social games in the future.

One of the market leaders for social games is Zynga who managed to capture millions of players who use Facebook. But now, several major vendors such as Electronic Art (EA) and Ubisoft has expressed interest in social gaming.