Saturday, November 12, 2011

Battlefield 3, Excellence in Graphic Weak at Gameplay

Electronics Arts (EA) has just released their new game, Battlefield 3. The result is quite a big success, with sales reaching 3 million in a week. Then what kind of advantages in this game?

Battlefield 3 is a multiplayer-based game with charming graphics display. This game can display graphics that are realistic in certain parts, even when played using the Playstation 3. Graphics when performed using a more powerful PC, but the appearance of graphics on the Playstation 3 also includes a level that should be given serious attention. Similarly, as quoted by PC World, on Monday (7/11/2011).

Battlefield 3, Excellence in Graphic Weak at Gameplay

Graphical display of this game was not balanced with its gameplay. Campaign mode in this game looks chaotic. Games developed along with a collection of creative ideas developer, DICE, and just hang on something like a plot.

Leeway in this plot led to the way the story feels incomplete and dispersed with each other. A level may have a different story at the next level.

In this game there are additional new units, the combat aircraft. The planes may appear impressive but hard to control.

Apparently, Battlefield 3 intends to woo his fans with a sophisticated visual display as compensation from the weakness of game-play.

However, despite the shortcomings that have been mentioned, if you're a fan of multiplayer gaming, Battlefield 3 is a game that must exist on your shelf. There are too many interesting things can happen when you play this game as a team.

Battlefield 3, Excellence in Graphic Weak at Gameplay