Monday, November 14, 2011

Wii U Will Release After April 2012

Wii U Will Release After April 2012
Nintendo said the latest portable game console for the Wii U version will go on sale in April 2012. Now Nintendo is preparing so that when the handheld console this appeared not experience the same problems as 3DS.

"Based on bitter experience we've ever had, on the Nintendo 3DS, so this time we try hard to prepare the Wii U, so it does not stumble at launch later," said President of Nintendo, Iwata Sotaru, told Network World

Iwata said the full version of this new console will be showcased at the E3 conference to be held in June 2012 in Los Angeles. This shows the company will begin delivering the latest Wii U after the summer, but it may be cultivated during 2012 holiday season arrives, like the previous launch.

Recent Wii U has a design similar to the current Wii U and also has a small tablet gamepad connected wirelessly, and have dual thumb as a joy stick or keypad controller. However, these devices will be able to play games that can be connected directly to the TV.

Nintendo has said the system would be playing on high definition and will cooperate with third parties as a strong developer, and will make title game better than previous versions.