Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Actor GTA V, At last Caught

The Internet is the best detectives can finally find out who the voice actor who is behind the game Grand Theft Auto V.

On the IMDb site's pages are written that the actor Ned Luke, who became the model character of Albert De Silva who is the main character in GTA V. Ned Luke had a role in Law & Order, an actor who seems to fit and has a face similar to the main character in GTA V trailer that was released earlier this month. This information is found by a contributor from GTA forums.

There is a tweet from actor Jimmy Taenaka which further strengthens this rumor by saying that Ned Luke was the one who provided the voice for the main character in the game made by Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto 5. Then there's someone on Twitter who said that he recognized the voice of Ned Luke in GTA V trailer and said that Ned Luke better than the actor Jason Statham.

GTA V Wallpaper