Friday, November 11, 2011

3 Best-Selling Game in late 2011

In late 2011, especially in November, many great games being released. Three of them including the fastest-selling game. What?

Series Call of Duty (CoD) is already familiar to gamers, do not be surprised if every game is released always scored a staggering sales figures.

CoD Modern Warfare 3

CoD Modern Warfare 3 for example, claimed the game sold about 9.3 million copies in first day sales. Break the game record for the previous series, Black Ops, which sold as many as seven copies of the same day.

Battlefield 3

Other similar games that managed to achieve the fastest selling is Battlefield 3, this game sold over 5 million copies a week after its release. Yes, though still under Modern Warfare 3, but this is one of the best-selling games from EA.

Uncharted 3

The third position is filled by Uncharted 3. Although only released for the PlayStation 3 but this game could sell as many as 3.8 million copies in first day sales.