Saturday, November 12, 2011

President of EA: Battlefield 4 Immediate Created

EA Games president Frank Gibeau has indicated Battlefield 4 is scheduled to be developed by the publisher or the publisher of the game.

Conversations about the Battlefield 4 already started talking about, when Battlefield 3 has just launched two weeks ago. According to Eurogamer, Gibeau has confirmed a little glimpse of the fourth version of the game shoot-out when making a presentation at the University of California.

Statement of Gibeau is not too surprising, considering that Battlefield 3 has sold over five million units since it was first released.
President of EA: Battlefield 4 Immediate Created

"Now would be a Battlefield 4," he said, as quoted by Tom's Hardware, Friday (11/11/2011).

Last week, before the launch of Battlefield 3, DICE, which is a Swedish developer says it can not wait to develop the fourth version of a session in the near future.

"It's exciting, overall game engine Frostbite 2 open landscape that is so big in front of us. We can do whatever we want," said DICE executive producer Patrick Bach.

Bach claimed in Forstbite two latest machines are designed to 'future proof' the progress of the studio. That is, the machine can connect the console such as Xbox and PlayStation to PC-based centralized system.

"We know now is the time multi-threading. We also know everything about the multi-graphics card becomes the current solution. If someone built a console where constantly adding specifications. We have the technology to do something. In the future we can make the port gaming to the console, "said Bach.

Does this mean that Battlefield 4 would be the title playing on the Xbox 720 at launch in 2013?