Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tropico 4 [REVIEW]

Tropico 4 Wallpaper
Tropico is a simulation game that brings gamers not only create on a tropical island setting, but also run the economy and the government on the island. The future of the island's population relies heavily on gamers as El Presidente in the lead. Tropico game have any kind of building and management simulation games were introduced since 2001 which has now reached its 4th series with a more varied gameplay.

Campaign in this game has a total of 20 missions on 10 kinds of islands, where each mission will have a wide range of different and unique objective to be completed in order to move to the next island. Objective in this game at first seemed easy and it will feel more and more difficult with the passing game. At first we just told to build the fields, gathering the harvest in small amounts, building homes, clinics, schools, and so on until a more challenging as gathering the harvest with a large number of tourists or bring in large quantities within the specified time.

Tropico 4 Wallpaper
Before starting the game, we can choose one of the main of 18 avatars are taken from real world figures, as there is Antonio Salazar, Evita Peron, Augusto Pinochet, Fidel Castro, and so on. Each avatar will have a background and traits / abilities that individual will be useful later on in the game. For example avatar Fidel Castro has traits Patriot that will add 15 points respect of the fraction of Nationalist and 10 points respect of the islanders. If you are not in accordance with the avatar figures provided by this game, then you can create your own avatar by choosing the option costum avatar that allows you to customize your avatar models, backgrounds, and abilities.

The concept of building and management in this game is not as simple as you might imagine, the technology tree that must be considered, as an example we construct the fields of tobacco and tobacco crops of the fields can be processed at the Cigar Factory to produce a cigar. The results are later processed plant will be exported to other countries and we can get revenue to improve state finances.

Meanwhile, there are several types of buildings that require electricity to operate, such as furniture or factory cigar factory. For that we must build a power plant in that area. Not just end there, the micro-management should be considered as well, such as bringing machines from other countries to accelerate production at our factory, then recruit staff to operate it until the set amount of wages.
Tropico 4 Wallpaper

Find it hard to play this game? Fortunately, this game includes help or tips that will appear on the screen to help players decide how best to build the tropical island. But the options offered tended to suggest how to improve the economy. Once our economy to rise, some neighboring countries will come with a unique and different objective. If you successfully complete a given objective, then you can improve relations between our two countries as well get the money that is useful for building the island. When compared with Tropico 3 which only include the USSR and the USA alone. Now in Tropico 4 has included European countries, China and the Middle East.