Saturday, November 12, 2011

Will Present Two New Characters in Lunia Z

Will Present Two New Characters in Lunia Z WallpaperEnliven you all in play Lunia Z, Z Lunia Team Indonesia will present two new characters in this November. Â Two of these characters is a cool character who will be present at the battle of Lunia Z and accompany you all. Let's see the details! (~_~)

Ryan Hunt

Ryan Hunt - Lunia Z Wallpaper
Ryan Hunt, famous as the man who always made sure his weapon in his right hand and left hand are in very excellent condition. Merskipun not too quiet, Ryan Hunt bukanlan person who likes to chitchat, as he prefers to think of strategies carefully prior to action against the criminals.

By the age of about 24 years, height 5'9 "and his profession as a Bounty Hunter, Ryan Hunt can do a great attack from a distance and can strike very quickly by using gutling gun or rifle firing in all directions from the area of ​​attack.

Kali Eschenbach

Kali Eschenbach Lunia Z Wallpaper
Kali is a 16-year-old woman who does not like long-winded, short and sharp conversation reflects its bold and confident. Even so, time has a secret about his true identity. He does look like a human, but actually he is a demon that takes the form of a human. Throughout his disguise as a poet, he was always trying hard to try to hide its origin but unfortunately, the actions and words can not close their origins.

As a man, he looked like a 16-year-old girl. But, does anyone know the actual age of Kali as the devil. And because the power of the devil, the time must have different strengths with others through his music.

Typically, time plays a very very nice music, but when entering a battle, awful melody flowed out of his lute, and very gripping power where no one will bear to listen to and live to tell about the voice. Through his songs, you can add Where the people around him, or add effects to the enemy, such as sleeping or have headaches.

For more details you can see here.